Electron-beam welding in vacuum


Electron beam welding complex SEO-TECH STATION

Electron-beam welding complex is designed for single-pass welding in vacuum along the trajectories of various configurations of metals, different in hardness and chemical composition.

The use of electron beam welding provides welding:

  • steel thickness up to 65 mm;
  • titanium and its alloys up to 70 mm thick;
  • aluminum and its alloys up to 80 mm thick,

and also local heat treatment and fusing.

The complex provides:

  • manual and automated control of the vacuum system
  • welding in manual and automatic mode according to the specified technological program
  • display on the screen of the monitor of the surface of the welded product and the precise guidance of the electron beam on the joint
  • diagnostics of the functioning of the main systems of the complex
Data sheet
1 Maximum power of the electron beam 60 kW
2 Accelerating voltage, max 60 kV
3 Range of electron beam current variation 1 – 1000 mA
4 Range of change of the focusing current 400 – 1000 mA
5 Range of variation of the bombardment current 10 – 60 mA
6 Working range of the gun position in relation to the part 100 – 300 mm
7 Range of movement according to coordinates:
  • coordinate Х
  • coordinate Y
  • rotation Z

  • up to 100 mm
  • up to 100 mm
  • 0 - 360°
8 Linear speed of the workpiece movement 0.2 - 15 mm/s
9 Angular rotation speed of the part 0.2 - 10 rpm
10 Positioning accuracy, not less than ±0.1 mm
11 Maximum weight of the part up to 150 kg
12 Maximum diameter of the rotating part, not more than 780 mm
13 Working volume of the chamber up to 10 m3
14 ВTime to get a working vacuum, not more than 25 min
15 Residual pressure in the chamber 10-3 Torr
16 Principle of guidance on the joint with the help of commutation device
17 Maximum power consumption, no more than 28 kVA
18 Weight of the complex, not more than 5000 kg

Electron beam welding equipment SEO-TECH

The equipment has the following modifications:

  • SEO-TECH 30/15 (30 kV, 15 kW)
  • SEO-TECH 60/6 (60 kV, 6 kW)
  • SEO-TECH 60/15 (60 kV, 15 kW)
  • SEO-TECH 60/20 (630 kW, 15 kW)
  • SEO-TECH 60/40 (60 kV, 15 kW)
  • SEO-TECH 60/60 (60 kV, 15 kW)

The equipment consists of an high voltage power unit, power cabinet and electron gun gun SEO-Gun, which has two versions: in air and in vacuum.


Electron Beam Gun SEO-GUN

Electron-beam guns SEO-Gun are designed for operation with accelerating voltage up to 60 kV and maximum power of 60 kW.

Guns have two versions: for installation outside the chamber (complete with a slider for the anode block) and for installation inside the camera.

To ensure a working vacuum in the cathode area, the guns are equipped with a turbomolecular pump.


Control system SEO-Beam Control

The system provides in automated or manual mode control and monitoring of all hardware parameters.


Vacuum chamber

Vacuum chamber, providing the installation in it of manipulators of the movement of the part / gun, auxiliary equipment and elements of the vacuum system. The camera has a frame structure and is assembled according to the customer's specification for specific technological processes.

Vacuum system

Provides maintenance of working vacuum in the chamber and the anode block of the gun. For evacuation of the chamber, the system can be equipped with a turbomolecular or diffusion pump with a capacity corresponding to the volume of the chamber.

For pumping out the gun, the latter is equipped with a gate (when working outside the chamber) and a turbomolecular pump to pump the anode space. Control is provided by the automated control system of vacuum SEO-VAC Control.

Manipulators and manipulator management system SEO-Stage Control

Provides manual / automated control and programming of trajectories. The control system can have up to 6 coordinates. Manipulators are completed according to the customer's TOR and consist of linear and rotary tables on step-by-step or asynchronous drives.


Digital Pointing System SEO-DISS EBW

Provides the output of the weld image on the monitor of the control computer and ensures accurate beam guidance to the joint of the welded seam.


Video surveillance system SEO-SCAN

Provides viewing of the "detail-gun" zone, the working volume of the camera, observation of the welding process.

SEO TECH Control Software

It is intended for automated and manual control of electron-welding equipment of all types and modifications. Functionally, the program provides the inclusion of equipment, the ability to control all systems and elements of equipment in manual mode, the indication of all hardware parameters and the operation of automated control of the modes of equipment. The program has the ability to reprogram the operating modes and create individual working files, can be used in the modernization of old old electronic welding equipment and the manufacture of new models.

Spare parts and consumables

  1. Spare parts for electron beam gun:
    1. High-voltage cable (15 m) without cable gland
    2. High-voltage cable (15 m) with hermetic cable
    3. Flange of the vacuum chamber into the chamber
    4. The gate valve of the anode block with the control unit
    5. Insulator of 60 kV
    6. Secondary electron detector
    7. Secondary electron signal amplifier
    8. Air inlet valve
    9. Lantern pipe
    10. Raster coil
    11. Focusing coil
    12. Anode
    13. Venelt with nut
    14. Bushing of cathode holder (with nut)
    15. Cathode Mounting Nut
    16. Heater of cathode
    17. Cathode Holder
    18. Cathode clamp
    19. Disk cathode LaB6 ∅4.7 mm
    20. Cathode T-shaped LaB6 ∅4.7 mm
    21. Disk cathode LaB6 ∅6.0 mm
    22. The cap with water cooling of the cathode block
    23. Flange installation TMP
    24. Flange mounting vacuum sensor
    25. Spiral of the cathode heater
    26. Set of vacuum seals (1 k-t)
    27. Set of adjusting rings for Venelt
    28. Set of adjusting rings for anode
    29. Set of spare parts for the high voltage cable connector with a gun
    30. Spare parts kit for high voltage cable connector with high voltage unit
  2. Spare parts for electron beam equipment:
    1. Block of glow and displacement
    2. Transformer of glow
    3. Bombardment transformer
    4. Transformer beam current
    5. Bombardment current transformer U = 4 kV
    6. РBombardment current transformer U = 4 kV
    7. Current limiting choke
    8. Transformer 4.701.046 20 kV
    9. Light guide assembly (welding current adjustment)
    10. Hand-held control and indication of ELA parameters