Vacuum Technology


Vacuum plant SEO-TEC

SEO-TEC is designed for the preparation of objects that are studied in electron microscopes TEM and SEM, and also for getting of multi-layer, multi-component films from metals and semi-conductors with magnetron, resistive, and electron beam sputtering methods.

The device can be used for research in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, as well as for testing individual technologies for vacuum deposition and etching in plasma.

1 Camera Rectangular to 0,125 m3
2 Residual pressure, Pa 13×10-3
3 Evaporators Carbon sublimation device
Resistive (40 Am), magnetron (0.9 kV), EBW (9 kW)
4 Heating temperature of objects 1200 °C
5 Cooling table temperature -150 °C
6 Control system From computer
7 Vacuum system Manual and automatic pumping mode
8 Power consumption, kV 15
9 Water consumption, l/min 5
10 Overall dimensions, mm 500 × 900 × 1500
11 Weight, kg 220

Automated vacuum control system SEO-VAC Control

The system provides control and management of the vacuum system of any complexity in manual and automatic mode.

The system allows to measure residual pressure in various working and technological areas, and also provides emergency shutdown of the complex.

The auto-management algorithm is programmed on controller, which has communication via the RS-232 port with a control computer. The symboliic diagram and the current state of the vacuum system is displayed on the monitor of the control PC.

Using SEO-VAC Control allows:

  • automate the pumping process
  • switching off the vacuum system of any complexity
  • provide monitoring and signaling of emergency states
  • provide various working modes of vacuum system

System composition:

  • Microcontroller - 1 pc.
  • Industrial сontrol computer - 1 pc.
  • Measuring unit - 1 pc.
  • Set of connecting cables and vacuum sensors – 1 set
  • Software – 1 set
  • Switching unit - 1 pc.

Vacuummeters SEO-VAC

The SEO-VAC allows:

  • To automate the control process of vacuum equipment
  • To exclude complex inconvenient graphic calibration characteristics of vacuum gages
  • To automate the control process of vacuum equipment
  • To store the settings of interlock system when the supply voltage is cut off
  • To carry out self-test of a vacuummeter

SEO–VAC has two embodiments:

  • Rack-maunt
  • Desc-top, for using at working place

Technical characteristics of the vacuum meter:

  1. The device is designed for power from a single-phase alternating current network with a frequency of 50 Hz, voltage 220 V.
  2. Consumed electric power is not more than 65 W.
  3. Interface with PC USB - 2 pc.
  4. Operating conditions of the device:
    • ambient temperature 20±5 °С;
    • relative humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 25 °С
  5. Measurement range of vacuum from atm. to 1×10-11 Torr
  6. Unit of measure is Torr
  7. Accuracy of measurement - according to the calibration curve on the sensor

Components and materials

"Sumy Electron Optics" produces and delivers:

  • Automated (from PC) and manual control systems for vacuum equipment
  • Vacuum meters and sensors
  • Vacuum chambers and vacuum fittings to them
  • Vacuum flex pipes
  • Vacuum valves of differents type
  • High-vacuum and fore-vacuum pumps from any manufacturer
  • Vacuum lines and vacuum flanges
  • Vacuum seals and greases
  • Consumables for evaporate processes