Atomic absorption spectrophotometer with flame atomizer SEO-SPECTR S115

Purpose: determination of concentrations of chemical elements in water (drinking, surface, waste), in waters of fish farms, soils, air, food products, etc.

Adapted to the analysis conditions in biochemical, agrochemical, analytical laboratories, research institutions and industrial enterprises that conduct elemental analysis of samples in chemistry, geology, metallurgy, medicine, ecology, pharmacology, etc.


  1. Optical system: Single beam, with a high light output, thanks to the modulated emission of the clock background (solid) and line emitters, as well as mirror aspheric optics with a quartz coating and a highly sensitive photomultiplier.
  2. Monochromator: The diffractive monochromator with a flat holographic grating 1800 p / mm operates in the range 190-855 nm. The width of the slit is 0.1; 04; 1 nm.
  3. Applied types of atomization: fiery, electrothermal, hybrid methods.
  4. Flame atomization burner unit:
    • The universal block of flame atomization is fluorinated, therefore it is resistant to organic solvents and durable. It is simple in alignment, which is important in the absence of maintenance personnel. Gas lines are separate for combustible gas and oxidizer. Burner nozzles are three-slit, single-slotted and made of stainless steel, which allows for years to obtain a stable flame.
    • The control and ignition of gases is automatic. The locking system ensures safe automatic flame shut-off in all operating modes, including emergency shutdown of the oxidizer and electrical network.
    • The burner block is quickly replaced by a hydride system, an electrothermal atomizer of the Grafit-2, Graphite-5, Graphite-7 series, including a SEO-Stage Control for forty-two samples (autosampler).
  5. Information processing and storage system:
    • The external PC and built-in interface ensures the operation of the device, the collection and storage of the results obtained.
    • Averaging and integration over a wide time interval. Noise filtering. The minimum time constant, which minimizes the loss of information retrieval.
    • The measurement is made by the amplitude of the absorption peak. Presentation of the results in units of optical density, intensity or concentration. Static processing with the output of values ​​of standard deviations.
    • Automatic calibration for 2-7 calibration solutions. Scanning spectra in a given interval.
    • Storing in the memory of spectra, calibration graphs for all elements, measurement results (including absorption peaks) and analytical techniques
    • Formation and printing of the report protocol, with the selection of data for any given criterion.
    • The ability to continue to work in the event of failure of the computer system unit.
  6. Optional equipment:
    • Prefix SEO-GG-01 for measuring Hg, As, Se, Sb
    • Prefix of electrothermal atomization series "Graphite"
    • Moisture separator (for air purification)
    • Column for cleaning acetylene
    • CB2-mineralizer
    • Computer spectrum analysis system (for retrofitting old devices)
    • Automatic sample feeder
    • Spectral lamps
    • Spare parts and consumables

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer with electrothermal atomization SEO-SPECTR S600

The spectrophotometer is intended for quantitative determination of elements in liquid samples of various origin and composition at the level of ng/l (ppt).

Areas of use:

  • Ecology (water, air, soil)
  • Sanitary and hygienic research
  • Food industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Medicine
  • Geology
  • Petrochemistry
  • Metallurgy
  • Scientific research


КSpectrometer based on the inverse effect
Spectral range of measurements, nm 190 ... 800
Absorption measurement range 0 ... B
Power of spectral lamps pulsed synchronized with power of graphite furnace
Performance one measurement in 20 seconds
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than 1100 × 450 × 460
Weight, kg, no more than 100
Furnace graphite
The heating rate of the furnace 10000°С/s
Protective gas argon
Consumption of argon not more than 0.5 l/min
Cooling water consumption 1,5 ÷ 2 l/min
Dosing volume 5 - 25 μl
Control system
Digital from a personal computer
Software in Windows environment
Control from PC all systems and consoles
Records the calculation and all measurement results

Contents of delivery:

  • Spectrophotometer SEO-SPECTR S600
  • Control computer
  • Software SEO SPECTR Control
  • Graphite furnaces
  • Spectral lamps

Optional equipment:

  • Device of local cooling
  • Six-lamp turret
  • Autosampler
  • Mercury-hydride generator