Devices for preparation of objects for microscopy


The device for electrochemical polishing of samples SEO-POL EM

The SEO-POL EM device is designed for electrochemical polishing and final finishing of the surface of metallographic sections before carrying out the research.

An important feature of the installation is the possibility of observing the surface of the objects under examination during electrochemical polishing with the help of the digital analyzer SEO Image Lab performed on the basis of a metallographic microscope.

The electrochemical polishing unit is integrated into the microscope table so that during the polishing process it is possible to observe the surface of the sample without removing it from the block.

Scope of application: laboratory light microscopy research and manufacturing enterprises, etc.

1 Power supply, V 220-230 with frequency 50 - 60 Hz
2 Power consumption, V * A, no more than 700
3 Overall dimensions (width, depth, height), mm, not more than 500 × 600 × 200
4 Weight, kg, not more than 30
5 The voltage between the cathode and the anode, V 150
6 The maximum current of electropolishing, А 2,5
7 Range of speed of electrolyte supply, ml/min 0 - 150
8 The shape of the test sample, the plate size, mm
round Ø10 × 5
square 10 × 10 × 5
9 Increases in observation during electropolishing, X (times) 250
10 The range of increases in the study of the prepared sample, X (times) 100 - 1500
11 Camera type CMOS with USB port
12 Type of microscope inverted,
13 Image recording form BMP
14 The form of recording clips AVI

Contents of delivery:

  1. Electrochemical polishing unit
  2. Electrolyte supply unit
  3. The block of management of giving of a liquid and process of electrochemical polishing
  4. Camera flushing unit
  5. Metallographic microscope
  6. Digital Image Analyzer SEO Image Lab

Ultramicrotom SEO-UMC

Ultramicrotom is designed to produce ultra-thin and thin sections from solid objects at room temperature for electron-optical studies in biology, medicine, chemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy and other fields of science and technology.

1 Ultrafine feed, μm 0.001 ÷ 0.999
2 Fine feed, μm 0.2 ÷ 10
3 Range of cutting window, mm 3 - 14
4 Range of linear cutting speed, mm/s 0.1 ÷ 50
5 Automatic feed in ultra-slice mode available
6 Auto feed in thin section mode available
7 Lighting combined 9W/41-827, 600 Lumen
8 N - S knife movement, mm 20
9 E - W knife movement, mm 25
10 Z-rotation of the knife ±30°
11 Roll of the knife -2° ÷ 15°
12 Water supply Manual (thin / coarse)
13 Control system From a personal computer
14 Maximum power, VA 250
15 Supply voltage, V 220/240, 50-60 Hz
16 Weight, kg, not more than 80 (without table)
17 Pneumatic anti-vibration system available

Standard equipment:

  1. Control computer
  2. Cutting block
  3. Binocular microscope
  4. Anti-vibration table
  5. Basic set of supplies and accessories

Additionally, the following can be delivered:

  1. Diamond knife
  2. Knife maker machine
  3. System of video surveillance and control of the process of cutting
  4. System for highlighting knife and object
  5. Any consumables, appliances and reagents for preparation

The device for making knives for ultramicrotome SEO-Glass Maker

The device is used in the field of microthemy for the manufacture of glass knives, providing a thin, semi-thin and ultra-thin sections.

The device provides cutting of standard glass knives:

Strip width 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Strip thickness 5 mm 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm

Contents of delivery:

  • The device for manufacturing knives - 1 pc.
  • Tweezers - 1 pc.
  • Brush - 1 pc.
  • Manual

Goniometer device for ultramicrotome

  • Inclination of the object: ±30°
  • Rotate the object around its axis: 360°

Vacuum installation for the preparation of objects SEO-TEC

It is used for the preparation of objects to be studied in electron microscopes for the production of multilayer, multicomponent films of metals and semiconductors

Ion-beam station for final polishing and cleaning of solid samples SEO-Mill


The SEO-Mill station is designed for finishing polishing and cleaning hard samples by ion polishing with a high energy beam.

Main advantages:

  • does not introduce impurities and foreign inclusions
  • does not change the structure of the samples
  • samples do not undergo mechanical loads

The station has fully computerized control with a simple and intuitive interface that provides manual or software support. All process parameters can be recorded or programmed with their further reproduction. This provides the ability to automate the programming process with minimal operator intervention.


  • Energy of ions: 100 - 2000 eV (adjustable)
  • The current density of the ion source: max 10 mA/cm2
  • Beam current: 7 - 90 μA (adjustable)
  • Beam diameter: 750 - 1200 μm
  • Polishing speed: 28 μm/h (for Si at 2000 eV)
  • The angle of the table of objects: 0° - 45° (electrically controlled with an accuracy 0,1°)
  • Gas used: argon
  • Controlled gas supply valve with pressure monitoring
  • Pheiffer - vacuum system of oil-free pumping based on diaphragm and TMN pumps
  • Automated pumping process
  • Embedded Industrial Computer
  • Easy-to-understand graphical interface
  • Monitoring of all parameters
  • High degree of automation of the entire polishing process
  • Programmable and manual modes of operation
  • Power consumption: 220 - 240 V; 1,5 A / 50 Hz

The device of electrochemical polishing of metals by the "tweezers" method for TEM SEO-POL.E1

It is intended for preparation of objects of research of structure of metals in TEM.

The device uses the electrochemical method of thinning the discs ∅3 mm using the "tweezers" method.


The device of jet electropolishing of samples for FEM SEO-POL.E2

It is intended for electrolytic thinning of metal samples by the method of jet electropolishing.


Electrospark metal cutting device SEO-CUT.E

Designed for cutting metal blanks by electric discharge destruction.

It is used as a precision pre-cutting of blanks for further processing.


Precision cutting device SEOMICRO-CUT


  • high accuracy
  • small dimensions
  • easy to use

The device is equipped with a multi-purpose diamond knife for cutting solid objects. High precision of cutting is provided by optical alignment, which makes the device ideal for use in electron microscopy.

Compact design and ease of operation allow you to make reproducible cutting of any solid objects, including: ceramics, semiconductors and other solid materials, which can be cut to within 10 microns.


  • Power supply voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 5 W max.
  • Dimensions: 250 × 150 × 80 mm
  • Type of diamond cutter: AOK50-0,15-2,5

Pre-cutter for preforms SEO-CUT.M

It is intended for preliminary cutting and preparation of samples of various materials.

The device provides: cutting, milling, preliminary grinding, facing and cleaning of samples.


The device of mechanical polishing of samples SEO-POL.M

It is designed for thinning and removing damaged layers of samples during preliminary cutting, as well as for grinding and polishing processes.


Mechanical polishing device for samples MICROPOL


  • Precision control of the process of sample thinning
  • Electrically operated workflows
  • Compact design and ease of use

The device is designed for grinding / polishing processes using a planar drive mechanism.

The device can be used for thinning and fine polishing of objects in the field of nanotechnology, semiconductors and materials science. The materials used can be grinding paper, special suspensions, compounds applied to felt substrates.


  • Network requirements: 220 V / 50 Hz, 35 W
  • Force load on the object: 0 - 5 N (adjustable)
  • Sample size: ∅35 mm × 20 mm, weight 150 g
  • Power Consumption: 14 W maximum
  • Dimensions: 251 × 210 × 181 mm
  • Process Timer: 1 - 3600 s, electrically controlled