Electron microscopy


Transmission electron microscope SEO-TEM

SEO-TEM is a new 100 kV electron microscope. SEO-TEM has a computer control system that provides flexible control of all microscope systems. High parameters, combined with a wide range of functionality and low price, ensure the successful use of SEO-TEM in various fields of science from biotechnology to materials science.

Distinctive features:

  • Original compact design
  • Simplicity and ease of management
  • Automation of operating and tuning modes based on an industrial processor
  • Digital image recording system in a PC based on a CCD camera
Data sheet
1 Resolution Guaranteed 0,5 nm
Achievable 0,34 nm
2 Accelerating voltage 25 – 100 kV
3 Range of magnifications (electronic) 100 times - 400000 times
4 Range of magnifications (digital) 100 times – 1000000 times

All microscope systems are controlled by an industrial computer station using the SEO TEM Control software (registration certificate No. 27336) providing:

  • switching on and off the microscope with the memorization of the parameters of the selected mode
  • creating individual files and playing them back when the microscope is turned on
  • automatic control of the vacuum system
  • dark and bright field
  • microdiffraction mode
  • zoom focus and brightness
  • modes of microscope alignment
  • auto camera control mode
  • control of table coordinates
  • Woobler high voltage and current objective lens
  • the ability to connect a digital image recording system SEO SCAN

Additional systems and equipment:

  1. Vacuum foto-camera on plates 6-9 cm
  2. The automated control system of the table SEO-Stage Control
  3. Device for tilting objects
  4. Autonomous water cooling system
  5. Consumables for the service and operation of the microscope
  6. Equipment for preparation of objects

Scanning electron microscope SEO-MicroScan

Scanning electron microscope SEO-MicroScan is designed to study the relief of various objects in the solid phase and the surface microrelief parameters.

When the microscope is equipped with an X-ray microanalyzer, it is possible to perform the elemental composition of objects by X-ray microanalysis using the energy of quanta of characteristic X-ray radiation.

The microscope can be used in the following fields: materials science, geology, biology and medicine.

Data sheet
1 Resolution in the EV mode 5 - 10 nm
2 Working length 5 - 40 mm
3 Acceleration Voltage Range 0.1 - 30 kV
4 Magnification range 10 - 300000 times
5 Beam current range 1 pA - 1 µA
6 Moving the object along the axes X, Y, mm X = ±40 mm, Y = ±40 mm, T = до +60°, R = 360°, Z = 8 - 35 mm
7 Working vacuum in the object chamber (vacuum system based on TMN) high-vacuum mode 1 x 10-5 Topp
low-vacuum mode 1-20 Topp
8 Time of working vacuum 20 min
9 Device readiness for operation after object change 5 min
10 Power consumption 220 В (±10%), 50/60 Hz, 2 kVA
11 Water cooling 2 l/min, pressure: from 0.05 to 0.2 MPa, temperature: 20°±5° C
12 Dimensions of the main console (length, width, height) 650 x 650 x 850 mm
13 Weight 200 kg

Stationary water cooling system SEO-COOL for EM

The stationary cooling system SEO-COOL is designed to provide cooling, maintain temperature and circulate water through cooling equipment. The system is used on vacuum devices: electron microscopes, installations for filing, etc., where vacuum pumps are used, which require heat removal.

The system provides:

  • support of the set water temperature with an accuracy of ±0,5° C
  • temperature range, which is controlled by 12-35° C
  • water circulation 9 l/min.

The system has its own capacity (10 liters) for cooling water. The system operates on a 220 V, 50 Hz power grid and consumes 1 kW of power. The system consists of a block measuring 500 x 500 x 700 mm, a network cable and a set of water hoses.

Spare parts and consumables

We supply everything you need:

  • for repair and maintenance of microscopes
  • equipment and adaptations for preparation
  • consumables
  • materials for preparation