About Us

The production & commercial firm Sumy Electron Optics (SEO) works in the field of creating research equipment and vacuum technology for various fields of science and technology.

PCC "SEO" was founded in 1996 as a company for the technical tuning of equipment already in operation. Using modern equipment, new technologies and own knowledge in the field of programming, electronics, physics and design, the company's specialists have come up with fundamentally new developments in the field of:

  • electronic and optical optics
  • high-vacuum equipment
  • precision mechanical devices
  • automated equipment management systems
  • video processing systems and measurement results
  • software

Today the PCC "SEO" has experience in the creation, operation and modernization of electron beam equipment, light and electron microscopes, preparatory devices, vacuum technology and spectral analysis instruments.

PCC "SEO" offers:

  • Delivery of devices for individual orders:
    • electron beam welding in vacuum;
    • scanning electron microscopes;
    • transmission electron microscopes;
    • light microscopes;
    • mage analyzers;
    • ultramicrotomes;
    • devices for preparation of metals;
    • universal vacuum spraying stations;
    • spectrophotometers.
  • Delivery of consoles and additional devices to devices in operation.
  • Supply of software for image analysis in the fields of medicine, biology, metallurgy and materials science, veterinary medicine and environmental protection.
  • Modernization of old appliances:
    • analytical part;
    • high-voltage equipment;
    • management system;
    • vacuum system;
    • power supply.
  • Service maintenance of devices:
    • installation, adjustment, prevention;
    • repair of systems and devices;
    • technical support of equipment.
  • Delivery of spare parts, consumables and materials for preparation of samples:
    • domestic and foreign manufacturers;
    • manufactured parts, assemblies, systems according to the technical requirements of the customer;
    • domestic and imported supplies for preparation and microscopy.
  • Development and manufacturing of new devices and systems for individual TK.

If you are interested in our offers, we are ready to provide more detailed information and specifications.

We are ready for any kind of cooperation.